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Writing and Exes

Writing and my ex-boyfriends have one thing in common. I have a love/hate relationship with both of them. When words find me – the feeling is almost orgasmic and nothing in the world can compare. But when they don’t and all I’m left with is a blank screen – the urge the hurl my laptopContinue reading “Writing and Exes”

27 Harsh Truths

Here is a fun fact that no one teaches you in high school or in university. There are a lot of things that you will have to learn once you leave the comfort of university classes and binge drinking. Most of them (such as budgeting, time management, etc) you will learn when the reality ofContinue reading “27 Harsh Truths”

The Only Checklist You’ll Need to Navigate Through 2022

Since the beginning of 2020 nothing has felt certain. Everything from the job market to romantic relationships became unstable and for some of us — has been ever since. As we approach the end of 2021 there is still a lingering sense of uncertainty, which makes anxious people like myself even more anxious. So instead of creatingContinue reading “The Only Checklist You’ll Need to Navigate Through 2022”

How to Balance Blogging With Full-Time Work. A Collab With Blogger – Accidentally Adulting

This article was in collab with Terry-Ann, a kick-ass lawyer with a humble mindset and the amazing blogger behind Accidentally Adulting! So why did we decide to do this collab? Over the past few weeks I realised that social media is saturated with these beautiful photographs of people with these extravagant lifestyles, from full-time travelersContinue reading “How to Balance Blogging With Full-Time Work. A Collab With Blogger – Accidentally Adulting”

How to Celebrate Australia Day. When You Have an Identity Crisis.

Here are three fun facts about Australia: Australia is home to 21 of the world’s 25 most venomous snakes; The Great Barrier Reef is the planet’s largest living structure; Aussies drink around 1.7 billion litres of beer per year, that’s about 680 bottles of beer for each adult. Australians are also obsessed with the beachContinue reading “How to Celebrate Australia Day. When You Have an Identity Crisis.”

Move Over the Birds and the Bees. Let’s Get Comfortable With This Dinner Topic.

Let’s face it. Neither parents nor kids enjoy the ‘sex talk’. Some parents try to avoid it like the plague. Especially immigrant parents and as an only child of two immigrant parents, I can confirm this. I learned about periods, sex and the inner mechanics of a vagina via picture books and sex ed classesContinue reading “Move Over the Birds and the Bees. Let’s Get Comfortable With This Dinner Topic.”

How Establishing a Skincare Routine Helped Me in More Ways Than One

Skincare has become a modern day requirement as of late. It’s all about the hydrating face masks, snail creams and weird concoctions of avocado masks. If my mum saw avocado anywhere else other than a slice of bread she’d smack upside the head so hard my last two (somewhat sane) brain cells would be leftContinue reading “How Establishing a Skincare Routine Helped Me in More Ways Than One”

Questions You’ll Undoubtedly Get Asked When You Travel to America. As a Foreigner.

If you know me. You know that I love America. I know people have always questioned my choices given their questionable presidency, gun laws and well to put it mildly. Shitty coffee (by Australian standards). Despite the cons stacked against the country I’ve always had a great time over there, met some loud and energeticContinue reading “Questions You’ll Undoubtedly Get Asked When You Travel to America. As a Foreigner.”

How AOC Is Shattering That Glass Ceiling. One Tweet at a Time.

I don’t do politics. Although I’m well aware of the impact that judicial laws have on society as a whole. We’ve all heard about women breaking the glass ceiling in the most adventurous of ways, some end up getting cheered at for ‘acting like a man’ whilst others get frowned upon for not being feminineContinue reading “How AOC Is Shattering That Glass Ceiling. One Tweet at a Time.”

How to Develop a Sense of Patience. When You Don’t Have Any.

If you happen to know me (and I mean really know me), there is a good chance that you also happen to know that I’m a very impatient person. Always was. As an impatient person who loves to create and work on projects outside of her 9-5. Unfortunately, 9/10 of these projects require patience. LotsContinue reading “How to Develop a Sense of Patience. When You Don’t Have Any.”

How To Cope With 2021

It’s 6 am on a Friday morning as I’m writing this blog post and the world is quiet. But it has been that way for a while now. Quiet but chaotic. This pandemic officially started in March 2020. I use the term ‘officially’ because everyone knows that the virus was circulating in countries across theContinue reading “How To Cope With 2021”

Thoughts That You’ll Inevitably Have as a Rookie Indoor Rock Climbing Enthusiast

Growing up little girls almost always fell into two categories: You’d have your ‘girly girls’ who loved nothing more than to play house-wife with their little kitchen set and chucky lookin babies. Next, you’d have the ‘tomboys’ who loved nothing more than to run around the building in their sneakers playing tag and wrestling otherContinue reading “Thoughts That You’ll Inevitably Have as a Rookie Indoor Rock Climbing Enthusiast”

Thoughts That You’ll Inevitably Have During Your First f45 Training Session

Here is the thing about fitness. I love going to the gym in the morning but I love sleep a little bit more. Therefore my snooze button gets a lot of action on the side.  Despite my strong urge to crawl under the covers and fall into a deep slumber I usually force my lazyContinue reading “Thoughts That You’ll Inevitably Have During Your First f45 Training Session”

Change of Lens: A Different View on the Under-Representation of Female Mentors in the Stem Field    

According to a 2011 Forbes report only one in seven engineers are female with the ratio not likely to increase any time soon. In the past there have been various articles, research papers and debates arguing the reasoning behind the above statistic before ultimately posing the question that has been on everyone’s mind since dayContinue reading “Change of Lens: A Different View on the Under-Representation of Female Mentors in the Stem Field    “

First Time

There is a first time for everything. Your first steps. Your first words. And then that exciting first-time when you get your article published on an online platform for the first time!!!! Click on the link below and enjoy:) Our Love Was An Exquisite Love


I believe there are three types of people in the world: Those who take calculated risks and will only arrive to a conclusion after they have completed multiple pros and cons lists to thoroughly evaluate a situation. Those who take risks with a stable mind and a confirmed opinion. Those who are just plain recklessContinue reading “22”

24 Hours in London

As someone who loves to travel, last year I was given the opportunity to travel to England on an exchange program through my university. It was going to be my first ever solo travel, and for someone who can barely navigate her way through Sydney CBD I was nervous as hell. I would like toContinue reading “24 Hours in London”

3 am Concerns

According to a very popular urban myth, if humans wake up at 3AM it is because there are spiritual beings out there that are trying very hard to reach out to you. For what reason, you may ask? Perhaps the ghost wants to seek vengeance against an ex-boyfriend? Or perhaps it realised that it leftContinue reading “3 am Concerns”

The Forbes Challenge

Source: Move over the Ice Bucket challenge, the Forbes Creative People challenge is where it’s at.  Unlike the ALS Ice Bucket challenge however, I made this one up, because I like to keep things interesting and possibly end up with health issues like sleep-depravation.  Last week I decided to make a few lifestyle changesContinue reading “The Forbes Challenge”

Fine Dining

Picture this. The perfect three course meal. A bowl of juicy salt and pepper squid with a side of your favourite dipping sauce followed by a plate of creamy gnocchi and topped off with a bowl of tiramisu so soft and moist you momentarily escape into your own personal nirvana. Now imagine if you wereContinue reading “Fine Dining”

Let’s Play

She walked into the room swiftly carrying herself with grace and poise, with her cashmere scarf draped elegantly across her delicate shoulders as her Manolo Blahnik’s created a soothing havoc against the marble floor. She walked to the table and jingled her bag full of plastic coins as her eyes sparkled mischievously because she knewContinue reading “Let’s Play”

Dirty Laundry

We all have that small collection of moments that we keep deeply hidden because they aren’t deemed ‘appropriate’ by society, ranging from those wild nights with the girls or embarrassing situations that you somehow always managed to end up in as a clueless teenager. However, on a crisp summer evening, I was forced to questionContinue reading “Dirty Laundry”

Back in Time

Believe. A word that once had the highest of significance in our lives as a kid, but one that we seem to have forgotten the meaning of today. Growing up we always allowed mythical characters ranging from princesses to trolls to fuel our imagination, believing that these people truly existed if not in the realContinue reading “Back in Time”

The One

Soulmate. Although one small word manages to create a significant impact on the even the greatest of minds, according to urban dictionary a soulmate is someone with whom you have an immediate connection with upon the moment you meet- a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way that have neverContinue reading “The One”

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