The Role of Masculine and Feminine Energies in Relationships

If you are like me and love to spend hours scrolling through the endless pit that is social media there is a good chance that you may have stumbled across the concept of ‘masculine vs feminine’ energies and how they impact relationships. At first, I thought the concept was utter bullsh*t and was going toContinue reading “The Role of Masculine and Feminine Energies in Relationships”

The Only Checklist You’ll Need to Navigate Through 2022

Since the beginning of 2020 nothing has felt certain. Everything from the job market to romantic relationships became unstable and for some of us — has been ever since. As we approach the end of 2021 there is still a lingering sense of uncertainty, which makes anxious people like myself even more anxious. So instead of creatingContinue reading “The Only Checklist You’ll Need to Navigate Through 2022”

How to Balance Blogging With Full-Time Work. A Collab With Blogger – Accidentally Adulting

This article was in collab with Terry-Ann, a kick-ass lawyer with a humble mindset and the amazing blogger behind Accidentally Adulting! So why did we decide to do this collab? Over the past few weeks I realised that social media is saturated with these beautiful photographs of people with these extravagant lifestyles, from full-time travelersContinue reading “How to Balance Blogging With Full-Time Work. A Collab With Blogger – Accidentally Adulting”

The Day I Changed My Coffee Order

Change. It’s a daunting word and one that most people tend to forget to incorporate into their personal dictionary. And why would we? We spend such a significant part of our young adulthood trying to form a protective blanket against unforeseen changes that ripping that blanket off seems absurd. Preposterous even. Yet most of usContinue reading “The Day I Changed My Coffee Order”

Solo Travel – The Good, The Bad and Everything in Between

It’s that time of the year where your Insta feed is saturated with European travel picture with hash tags like #candid and #travelgram attached to almost every photograph. It is also that time of the year when Facebook decides to remind you that a year ago you were in Paris sipping a rosé in frontContinue reading “Solo Travel – The Good, The Bad and Everything in Between”

ASMR – The Internet’s Silent Therapist

Take a look at that picture. Before I discovered ASMR I always assumed a powder brush had one purpose and that was for the sole purpose of powder foundation. Turns out we now live in a time where people have a whole bunch of interesting fetishes ranging from BDSM to standard role-playing because people are gettingContinue reading “ASMR – The Internet’s Silent Therapist”

Move Over the Birds and the Bees. Let’s Get Comfortable With This Dinner Topic.

Let’s face it. Neither parents nor kids enjoy the ‘sex talk’. Some parents try to avoid it like the plague. Especially immigrant parents and as an only child of two immigrant parents, I can confirm this. I learned about periods, sex and the inner mechanics of a vagina via picture books and sex ed classesContinue reading “Move Over the Birds and the Bees. Let’s Get Comfortable With This Dinner Topic.”

How Establishing a Skincare Routine Helped Me in More Ways Than One

Skincare has become a modern day requirement as of late. It’s all about the hydrating face masks, snail creams and weird concoctions of avocado masks. If my mum saw avocado anywhere else other than a slice of bread she’d smack upside the head so hard my last two (somewhat sane) brain cells would be leftContinue reading “How Establishing a Skincare Routine Helped Me in More Ways Than One”

What No One Tells You About Growing up a Tomboy

The other week as I jumped out of my friend’s ute ( yes you read right) I miscalculated the height of the vehicle and fell down on my palms and knees. Hard. However I was able to get back up and brush off the disturbing amount of the blood gushing out from the scratches, withContinue reading “What No One Tells You About Growing up a Tomboy”

Why Adopting the Cuban Way of Life Is a More Soulful Approach

A few fun facts about Cuba: Baseball is the most popular sport in Cuba, to date; In a traditional Cuban meal the food is not served in courses, instead all the food is served at the same time; Cubans love to free pour their rum when creating some of the world’s most intoxicating cocktails. WhenContinue reading “Why Adopting the Cuban Way of Life Is a More Soulful Approach”

4 Effective Ways to Schedule Creativity

Shows like Jane the Virgin always make it out to seem as though writing is the most magical and enchanting experience of your life. There is literally an episode in Season 2, Episode 10, where the younger version of Jane is seen typing away on her laptop. In the bus. When inspiration strikes. However, ifContinue reading “4 Effective Ways to Schedule Creativity”

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