How To Cope With 2021

It’s 6 am on a Friday morning as I’m writing this blog post and the world is quiet. But it has been that way for a while now. Quiet but chaotic. This pandemic officially started in March 2020. I use the term ‘officially’ because everyone knows that the virus was circulating in countries across theContinue reading “How To Cope With 2021”

Change of Lens: A Different View on the Under-Representation of Female Mentors in the Stem Field    

According to a 2011 Forbes report only one in seven engineers are female with the ratio not likely to increase any time soon. In the past there have been various articles, research papers and debates arguing the reasoning behind the above statistic before ultimately posing the question that has been on everyone’s mind since dayContinue reading “Change of Lens: A Different View on the Under-Representation of Female Mentors in the Stem Field    “

Hijacked- Five Ways to Recharge Before Exams

Let’s face it: we’ve all been greeted by exhaustion and frustration at some point during the semester. As students, we take to colourful pictures on Tumblr to help escape the issue at hand, and do we really need a Bachelor of Business when we’ve already got a Masters in Procrastination? To help ease your over-exhaustedContinue reading “Hijacked- Five Ways to Recharge Before Exams”

Sydney’s Top 5 Spots For Creative Creatures

1. The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar, 146 Abercrombie Street, Redfern, Sydney If you want an atmosphere that is peaceful, cozy, smells like citrus and has bursts of light illuminating the space. Then the Rabbit Hole is where it’s at. The soft summery colours combined with classic tunes act as the perfect backdrop for you toContinue reading “Sydney’s Top 5 Spots For Creative Creatures”

3 am Concerns

According to a very popular urban myth, if humans wake up at 3AM it is because there are spiritual beings out there that are trying very hard to reach out to you. For what reason, you may ask? Perhaps the ghost wants to seek vengeance against an ex-boyfriend? Or perhaps it realised that it leftContinue reading “3 am Concerns”

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