27 Harsh Truths

Here is a fun fact that no one teaches you in high school or in university. There are a lot of things that you will have to learn once you leave the comfort of university classes and binge drinking. Most of them (such as budgeting, time management, etc) you will learn when the reality ofContinue reading “27 Harsh Truths”

What No One Tells You About Growing up a Tomboy

The other week as I jumped out of my friend’s ute ( yes you read right) I miscalculated the height of the vehicle and fell down on my palms and knees. Hard. However I was able to get back up and brush off the disturbing amount of the blood gushing out from the scratches, withContinue reading “What No One Tells You About Growing up a Tomboy”


I believe there are three types of people in the world: Those who take calculated risks and will only arrive to a conclusion after they have completed multiple pros and cons lists to thoroughly evaluate a situation. Those who take risks with a stable mind and a confirmed opinion. Those who are just plain recklessContinue reading “22”

The Closest I Ever Got To A Frat Party

There I was, feeling fabulous as hell in my brand new outfit and heels as I bobbed my head in sync with the EDM that swept the dance floor. I remember closing my eyes and jumping up and down when the beat dropped, feeling absolutely amazing as I let the exhilarating energy around me sweepContinue reading “The Closest I Ever Got To A Frat Party”

The Day I Became A Hillbilly

So there I was at 4 am in the morning shivering so hard you could hear my teeth create an unsynchronised orchestra, wearing two layers of socks(yes it can be done people, I have lived to tell the tale)  to help avoid possible frost-bites as I struggled to take in the breathtaking view in frontContinue reading “The Day I Became A Hillbilly”

Putting On Your Big-Girl Pants

This is not going to be your average story about ‘what I discovered when I entered my twenties’ or anything along the lines of that. Well maybe to an extent but not completely. Let me elaborate. The other day I was at a cosy downtown café in Macarthur Square when it started pouring so hardContinue reading “Putting On Your Big-Girl Pants”

Let’s Play

She walked into the room swiftly carrying herself with grace and poise, with her cashmere scarf draped elegantly across her delicate shoulders as her Manolo Blahnik’s created a soothing havoc against the marble floor. She walked to the table and jingled her bag full of plastic coins as her eyes sparkled mischievously because she knewContinue reading “Let’s Play”

Back in Time

Believe. A word that once had the highest of significance in our lives as a kid, but one that we seem to have forgotten the meaning of today. Growing up we always allowed mythical characters ranging from princesses to trolls to fuel our imagination, believing that these people truly existed if not in the realContinue reading “Back in Time”

Young Love and the Exciting 20’s

As teenagers we are often frowned upon, if not mocked by our elderly when we say that we are in love. From their perspective it is virtually impossible to know what love is at this age, and we are often stamped with the claim that this is all just “puppy love” and infatuation. However IContinue reading “Young Love and the Exciting 20’s”

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