How to Maintain Your Sanity When Working Remote

It is almost the end of 2022, and we have successfully managed to make remote work a necessity as opposed to a luxury across a range of different industries. And whilst, this change in work ethic has allowed a lot of people to embrace their passions and spend time with loved ones. There is noContinue reading “How to Maintain Your Sanity When Working Remote”

Writing and Exes

Writing and my ex-boyfriends have one thing in common. I have a love/hate relationship with both of them. When words find me – the feeling is almost orgasmic and nothing in the world can compare. But when they don’t and all I’m left with is a blank screen – the urge the hurl my laptopContinue reading “Writing and Exes”

How to Kill the Corporate Scene (The Way Cardi B Would)

She doesn’t even need an introduction. She entered 2018 like a reckless storm and one of the few rappers in the industry who could probably give Nicki Minaj a run for her money. JUST KIDDING. We all #barbie lovers out here. But Cardi is FIRE and there is no doubt that she has changed theContinue reading “How to Kill the Corporate Scene (The Way Cardi B Would)”

The Art of Finding Creativity Within Your 9-5

Here is what no one tells you in university. You’re basically in a rat towards obtaining a rather stagnant 9 to 5 routine which will essentially take over a significant portion of your young adult life. Unless of course you get fired for going on too many toilet breaks because of your disturbing bowel movements.Continue reading “The Art of Finding Creativity Within Your 9-5”

How to Embrace Your Femininity. When It Matters the Most.

Yesterday morning a good friend of mine and I went for a run. It was one of those good Saturday mornings. The one where the sun was out and the birds were chirping like a scene from a Disney movie. She was telling me about all the female related drama at her work within theContinue reading “How to Embrace Your Femininity. When It Matters the Most.”

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