The One

Soulmate. Although one small word manages to create a significant impact on the even the greatest of minds, according to urban dictionary a soulmate is someone with whom you have an immediate connection with upon the moment you meet- a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way that have never experienced before. Someone who you connect with on a whole other level which brings you peace, serenity and happiness on a whole other level and which ultimately, leads you to question if you have ever truly loved anyone prior.  Now that’s the fairy-tale version.

We all know that finding your significant other isn’t how they make it out to be in the movies, there is no orchestra that randomly starts playing the background and you definitely don’t look as appealing as the actresses do when their man is dancing with them in the rain.

This is almost always found to be the ideal fantasy that we women have been lead to believe over the years, due to the immense influence of media through the use rom-com movies.

Over the years this staged drama has creates a hazy mist like façade that has slowly spread through our minds infecting every sane cell in its process, causing us to believe that there is that one ideal person who will tick all our boxes when we meet them, making it all that much harder for us to recognize our other-half even if they were right under our noses (making Wally look like an easier find).

We live in a generation where T.V, movies and illegal online streaming are almost a ritual around which we base our lives on a daily basis, so it comes to no surprise how clouded our perceptions are on the idea of finding your soulmate.

Truth is it really isn’t that complex, it never was. 

We humans although simple are very complex creatures when it comes to this notion, I personally think that we could learn a thing or two from sea otters (who are known to hold hands with their loved ones when they go to sleep) rather than over-priced glossy magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue, that some of us hold onto like a bible.

What we need to realize is that sometimes the prince charming that we have placed on a pedestal at a young age due to the influence of fairy tales, media and society, is sometimes just a retard wrapped in tin foil! He may hide in the disguise of your best friend or maybe that shy guy who always smiles at you from the corner of the class.

When you find that one person, there probably won’t be any fireworks exploding in the background, roses gently caressing your face or even violins playing in the background as Michael Buble slowly serenades you both into this light intoxicated coma.

However what you are bound to find is a life partner who is able to put a smile on your face when no one else can, a bounce in your step when sadness holds you down tighter than gravity and most importantly someone who respects you so as to stand by your side so that the battles that you once had to fight alone, are now easier to take on because significant other is right next to you.

Published by The Strategic Chaos

What happens when you mix an engineering major with a creative mindset who's always getting herself into awkward situations? The strategic chaos is born. It's what a love child between Mindy Kaling and Mark Cuban would look like. With Kevin Hart as side piece.

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